W.S.I.B. Exposure Form

This is the form that members need to fill out if they feel they have been exposed to someone who is positive or presumptive for Covid-19 at the hospital and does not feel they had adequate PPE. Fill this form out each and every time you require and submit back to Angela Hodgson. Health and Safety will be keeping track of these forms and for future can reference for W.S.I.B. and OCC health. Please email the completed form to angelahodgson79@gmail.com and follow the instructions on the form to submit to W.S.I.B.

W.S.I.B. Exposure Form

CUPE Quarantine information.

This Guide provides general information for CUPE members with respect to the various degrees of isolation, sometimes referred to as self-isolation, social distancing and quarantine, resulting from potential exposure, confirmed exposure, or confirmed infection with COVID-19 (with or without symptoms). While the risk to Canadians is still low, it is important to be prepared at the individual and community level for all possible scenarios.


Guide COVID-19 Quarantine information

Vacation Alignment for Hotel Dieu Members

Notice to All HDH Site Members.

Your vacation year will now be April 1st- March 31st. Please take this into consideration when submitting your annual vacation requests. We are also looking into merging of vacation banks and will update you once we have more information.

  • You are able to carry 1 1/2 times your vacation entitlement. For example; if you get 4 weeks vacation and you only used 2 , you can have up to 6 weeks vacation in your bank.
  • Your carry forward value along with vacation accrual up to the end of May, should equate to your full entitlement.
  • The carry forward value is automatically calculated within the SAP program.

If you have any further questions please contact the office (613) 548 – 6011